The Innovative Dermatology Center performs various areas of the body contouring and volume reduction procedure: abdomen, waist, thighs, buttocks, neck, hands and dewlap areas.

The system Alma Laser ACCENT PRIME used in the clinic compared with other body contouring technology is more efficient, because the shorter treatment procedures and results can be achieved quickly and they stay longer. Treating with Alma Laser ACCENT PRIME ultrasound uniquely exposed a large area of skin, therefore duration of one zone treatment shortens to 20 minutes. If the body mass index exceeds 25, even with Alma Laser ACCENT PRIME body contouring procedures will be poorly effective.

What to expect?

The procedure is painless, patients tolerate it well. A person feels warm and pleasant massage. Duration of the procedure depends on the treated area and the zone. The procedure designed for one zone (for example, the abdominal area) takes 20 minutes. After body contouring procedure it is possible to immediately return to daily routine. You do not need specially to prepare for the procedure. After the procedure it is recommended to drink as much as possible water. Already after the first treatment the skin becomes smoother. The number of procedures per each person is very individual, depending on the available human problems and place. In order to reach the maximum effect, we recommend to perform 6–8 procedures. They are repeated every 10–14 days. After the course of procedure, it is recommended to periodically perform a supportive procedure to maintain the desired result.


Abdomen 150 – 250 €
Thighs 150 – 250 €
Waist 180 – 270 €
Buttocks 150 – 250 €
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