The most common form of skin cancer. Most often appears on sun exposed areas of the body (head, neck, shoulders, chest, for women – the calves).

Initially forms pink colour, pearlescent shade papula or nodule of the skin, which gradually increases over time. It can turn into unhealed wound with crusts. This skin cancer rarely spreads to other internal organs, but can destructively affect hypodermic tissues, therefore, it is recommended to timely apply for medical advice.

What to expect?

During the consultation, a physician will listen to your complaints and determine the factors of skin cancer risk, evaluate the skin phototype, quantity of ultraviolet rays absorbed by the skin and affections of the skin. All skin of your body will be carefully examined, dermatoscopy will be performed. This is a non-invasive skin pigment and vascular derivatives investigation, during which the morphological structure of the skin, pigment and vascular structure, skin smoothness and colour are being evaluated. The examination is performed quickly, it does not cause pain and discomfort, does not require special preparation, there are no contraindications, the examination can be performed to all people. Dermatoscopy helps to identify benign and malignant affections of the skin, allows earlier diagnosing melanoma and preventing additional invasive investigation methods.


Digital dermatoscopy with Fotofinder/Dynamify (one derivative) 20 €
Each additional derivative 5 €
A map of whole body moles investigation (FotoFinder) 95 €
Birthmark removal by electrodesiccation method in the facial area 35 – 50 €
Birthmark removal with laser in the facial area 55 – 100 €
Skin benign and malignant tumours surgical treatment 180 – 400 €
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