Over the years, skin affected by ultraviolet radiation begins to show up signs of aging. Becomes thinner not only the upper skin layer (epidermis), but also a real skin – dermis. In the skin remain less collagen and elastin fibres, appear pigment spots, superficial and deep wrinkles. The most fast the skin getting old from sun exposed places (face, neck, décolletage, arms).

The Innovative Dermatology Center provides 4D facial rejuvenation procedure. We use the most advanced fractional laser in Lithuania Harmony XL Pro ClearLift®, due to which in different layers of epidermis and dermis with laser are formed columns, which stimulate collagen production. Depending on the skin condition, UVR affection, amount of wrinkles, their depth and age, an appropriate methodology is chosen.

Harmony XL Pro ClearLiftTM is unique, because it is ideal for thin and sensitive skin rejuvenation and all phototypes of skin. Rejuvenation procedures can be performed in all areas of the body: around the eyes, mouth, face, neck, chest, outer surfaces of hands, and etc. Unlike most lasers, which operation is based on activation of collagen production caused by thermal affection, non-ablative Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser energy is focused by the way, that would affect the deeper layers of the skin and minimally damage epidermis. During the healing time, new collagen production is stimulated, becomes smoother, firmer.

What to expect?

During the procedure, patients sometimes feel slight burning or tingle, therefore the procedure is perfectly tolerated. Special advance preparation is not necessary. After the procedure you can continue your usual works. After few days the skin may become red, swollen. The procedure is repeated every 3–4 weeks. The maximum result is reached after 1–3 procedures. After the treatment the skin must be moistened and lubricated with cream that protects against ultraviolet rays of the sun (SPF 50+). During the consultation we will provide you with detailed information on skin care. Usually patients may return in the traditional rhythm of life after a week.


4D face rejuvenation procedure ClearLift™ with Harmony XL 600 €
4D décolleté rejuvenation procedure ClearLift™ with Harmony XL Pro 500 €
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