Undesirable hair removal is relevant for both men and women. Hair removed for aesthetic reasons also because they grow into the skin. Shaving or depilating hair, they often begin grow in, form pustules, crusts or sores which healed remain dark spots or scars. The only solution to this problem – hair removal with light (photoepilation).

In the Innovative Dermatology Center hair are removed with the latest and only in the Baltic States Soprano ICE PLATINUM laser. It allows quickly and painlessly removing hair in various areas of the body: on the nape of neck, neck, in the nose, ear canals, eyebrows, on the face, chest, back, arms, legs and in the bikini area.

This laser is unique, because it connects energy of three laser rays (755 nm, 810 nm, 1064 nm). Therefore the equipment used by us allows access and affect at various different hair follicle structures, which are in various depth. Effectively removed both dark and blond hair. Laser Soprano ICE PLATINUM allows removing hair throughout the year, even in the sunny season. It is equipped with integrated unique Super Hair Removal system and the latest technologies, therefore removing large hairy areas of the skin (on the legs or back) is shortened procedure time, and a special nozzle lets thoroughly remove hair also in hard-to-reach places, for instance, in eyebrows and ear canals.

What to expect?

The procedure is painless, and special refrigerating nozzle pleasantly cools the treated area. Before the procedure, the hair on the same day in the morning must be shaved or clipped with trimmer. The maximum effect is achieved after 4–6 procedures. They are repeated every 4 weeks. After the procedure, you can immediately return to the normal rhythm of life.


Hair removal in the areas of both forearms 75 €
Hair removal in the areas of both shins 95 €
Hair removal in the areas of thighs 140 €
Hair removal in the “bikini” area 85 €
Hair removal in the armpit area 60 €
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