Brown colour pigment spots form in the skin cells due to increased quantity of melanin. Spots can occur due to effect of ultraviolet (UV) rays, changes of hormonal balance (i.e. during pregnancy), used drugs (i.e. contraceptive pills), in summer used face care creams with acids, chemical peelings (especially with acids) or dermabrasions.

Pigment spots (senile sun spots (lentigo solaris), melasma (chloasma), freckles, post-inflammatory pigmentation), especially in the face or other visible areas of the body, often cause people aesthetic discontent.

In the Innovative Dermatology Center pigmentation spots are removed using HARMONY XL PRO laser, which allows treatment of pigmentation disorders of various depths (surface and deep). Laser-generated energy is absorbed by pigment melanin accumulated in the skin, due to that cells containing much of it are destroyed. The latest technologies allow effectively and safely removing hyperpigmentation to patients not only with bright, but also darker skin.

What to expect?

During the procedure can be felt mild burning, but usually the procedure is well tolerated and painless. After 3–5 days after the procedure a pigment spot becomes even darker, but after several days disappears. The maximum effect is achieved after 1–6 procedures. They are repeated every 3–4 weeks. Among the procedures and them the skin needs to be for a long time lubricated with cream, protecting it against ultraviolet rays of the sun (SPF 50+).


Removal of pigment spots with laser in the forehead area 70 – 90 €
Removal of pigment spots with laser in the cheek area 75 – 110 €
Removal of pigment spots with laser in the décolleté area 130 – 180 €
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