Facial redness and dilated capillaries – one of the most common problems of the skin, tiring not only women, but also men. Often occurs as the first symptoms of rosacea. Capillary dilation is influenced not only by heredity and genetics, but also a way of life, abundant sun rays, nutrition related to adjacent diseases, emotions. Although exists more than one treatment of rosacea (spreadable or oral medicines, chemical face peeling), sometimes the only effective method – to remove dilated capillaries or redness with laser.

In our clinic cheeks redness and dilated capillaries are removed by modern HARMONY XL PRO laser. The latest, surrounding tissues almost undamaging HARMONY XL PRO Dye-VL technology provides a safe, painless and effective treatment of dilated blood vessels and redness. During the procedure, released energy is absorbed by oxyhemoglobin in the blood vessels, therefore the blood vessels stick together and disappear. We remove with laser aslo other skin blood derivatives: cherry angiomas, hemangiomas, dilated capillaries of the legs, “port wine”.

What to expect?

During the procedure, patients sometimes feel slight burning pain. Treated skin several days after the procedure can be red, slightly swollen. Nevertheless, the procedure is well tolerated by patients, after it people can immediately return to normal daily routine. The maximum effect is achieved after 1–6 procedures. They are repeated every 3–4 weeks. Among the procedures and after them the skin needs to be lubricated with cream for a long time that protects against ultraviolet rays of the sun (SPF 50+).


Correction of face redness 160 – 300 €
Correction of nose redness 120 – 180 €
Removal of dilated facial capillaries (telangiectasias) in the cheek area 80 – 180 €
Removal of varicose capillaries in the shin area 120 – 190 €
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