Since 25 years in human skin, especially in the places of friction and wrinkles occur various outgrowths (papillomas), and due to age and effect of ultraviolet rays begin to grow various undesirable benign derivatives and keratosis.

In the Clinic, using MedArt FRx fractional CO2 laser, are removed various undesirable benign skin formations: papillomas, seborrheic keratoses, senile sebaceous hyperplasias, moles, warts, ksanteliazmas, and etc.

What to expect?

The procedure, after numbing the skin, is performed by destructive MedArt FRx fractional CO2 laser. It allows very precisely removing unwanted skin derivatives and surrounding tissues remain almost untouched. After the procedure you will get detailed information about skin care and after few days you will be able to return to the normal rhythm of your life.