Tattoo removal is complicated, because it requires different spectrum and high-intensity of laser energy. In the Innovative Dermatology Center we use laser Harmony XL Pro system (Q-Switched Nd: YAG 1064/532 nm) designed to remove dark (black, blue, green) and lighter (red, yellow, orange) tattoo dye. The laser energy creates vibration decomposing tattoo dye into tiny particles. They destroy cells of the immune system, due to that tattoo turns pale.

What to expect?

During the procedure, patients sometimes feel faint burning or tingle, the treated skin after the procedure for few days may be red, slightly swollen. Nevertheless, people tolerate the procedure well. After it you can return to your usual normal daily routine. The maximum effect is achieved after 3–8 treatments. Their plan is discussed in detail during the consultation, as the number of procedures depends on the type of tattoo, the size and the patient’s expectations. The procedures are repeated every 8–12 weeks.


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