Seborrheic dermatitis is a very common disease that often occurs for newborns and the elderly. Pathogenesis is associated with a number of factors. One of them – the fungus – malassezia furfur fungus for infants, it is also important immune status or neurological elements, because with Parkinson’s disease also occurs severe seborrheic dermatitis.

In case of seborrheic dermatitis, always occurs erythema having clear limits with fatty yellowish furfures, a typical model of location includes the scalp (especially to the front hairline), external ear canal, the wrinkle behind the ear, nasolabial wrinkle, eyebrows and eyelashes. Someone also dandruff considers a mild form of seborrheic dermatitis. In severe cases are possible multiple numuliaric affections on the neck and waist (tabular seborrheic dermatitis).


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