Vitiligo or white spot disease – a condition, when the skin, which lost melanocytes, loses pigment. It is not dangerous, but the patients feel concerned. White spot occurs with white macules having clear limits, spots of different size and shape. Initially, their limit is eritemic, shows inflammation. The most common is acrofacial type, distribution – periorbital, perioral, on the hands, feet and genitals. Other patients may be affected by segmental disease, dispersed or diffusely spots. Hair in the areas of vitiligo are usually white, but can maintain their pigment.

Usual treatment measures – phototherapy with ultraviolet rays (UV) B 311 nm or psoralen and UAV (PUVA), the maximum UVB and UVA protection that white areas would not get a suntan, and the surrounding skin affected. It can be used transplantation or other methods of transplantation of melanocytes into the depigmented areas, but it must be combined with UVB therapy applied later.


Treatment with Excimer 308 nm laser. Price of one application into focus.3 €
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