Our skin reflects not only the pace of life, harmful habits, suffered daily stresses, state of health, but also shows the lack of attention to its care. We live in such a time, when for the human appearance and facial skin is given a great attention. Scientists have proved that people having healthy, shining and youthfully looking facial skin, feel better themselves, they are liked by people around, have more friends and are more pleased with life.

Aging – an inevitable process. Already after 30 years we starting to notice the first features of facial and body skin aging, the first mimic wrinkles, and at the age of 40 – aging is already evident: the skin becomes drier, less sunny, reduces elasticity, appear varicose capillaries, pigment spots and wrinkles. Proper and timely skin care alienates the features of skin aging, improves human well-being, self-esteem and reduces the fear to grow old.

In the Innovative Dermatology Center we perform various aesthetic skin care procedures, chemical peeling of the skin, mesotherapy, aesthetic beauty injections of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic fillers and apply the combined laser rejuvenation procedures.

The procedures in the Innovative Dermatology Center carried out by experienced and the most qualified physicians-dermatologists and plastic surgeons. In our Centre a physician individually selects the most appropriate procedure and draws up a long-term skin care plan.