In the Innovative Dermatology Center using laser we perform various medical and aesthetic procedures. We use the latest world level lasers, allowing solving various skin problems: remove undesirable benign skin derivatives, to treat varicose capillaries, facial skin redness (rosacea), hemangiomas, sun-damaged and aging skin, hyperpigmentation. In addition, with laser we remove undesirable hair and tattoos.

The procedures are performed by only the best qualified physicians-dermatologists who participated in special traineeships and accumulated relevant experience. The procedures can be performed on the same day, after the consultation. Depending on the skin’s problem may require more than one procedure. After it, either immediately or after few days, you can return to the regular rhythm of your life.

Seeking for the best results, a laser is used only after an extensive consultation of physician-dermatologist, during which will be selected the most appropriate procedures and a personal treatment plan is drawn up.