In the Innovative Dermatology Center we apply up-to-the-minute skin disease diagnostics and treat adults and children by advanced methods. In the Centre are diagnosed and treated the most common skin diseases and rare skin illnesses:

  • And other inflammatory diseases (eczemas, lichen, and etc.);
  • Allergic skin diseases;
  • Rosacea and flushing;
  • Other pigmentation disorders (pigmented spots, chloasma, other hyperpigmentation);
  • Hair loss (focal, androgenic);
  • Infectious diseases (fungal, bacterial, viral and parasitic);
  • Genetic and autoimmune diseases (ichthyosis, scleroderma, cutaneous lupus erythematosus, pemphigus diseases);
  • Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis);
  • Children dermatoses;
  • Pregnant women dermatoses;
  • Rare skin diseases.

What to expect?

During the time of detailed initial consultation a physician-dermatologist will find out a reason of your disease emergence or exacerbation, examine the damaged skin, perform clinical dermatological tests (dermatoscopy, Wood’s lamp examination, skin biopsy with histopathological examination) and prescribe you necessary additional tests (laboratory blood and urine, microscopic and culture examinations).

In the Innovative Dermatology Center we prescribe a local and systemic treatment based on the recommendations of the latest authorities worldwide, advise on how to take the best care of damaged skin. In case of disease exacerbation we apply a local therapy treatment with medication, prescribe injections, infusion therapy, lotions, specialized baths (hydrotherapy and balneotherapy), local and whole body phototherapy, cryotherapy and laser procedures. Long-term experience of the dermatologists working in the centre allows accurately determining problems of your skin and offering an effective treatment program drawn up personally for you.