Cellulite is often called uneven, rough, like an “orange peel” skin image. It is observed because of affection of various factors (genetic, hormonal, nutritional, lifestyle changes), fat cells (lipocytes) increase, surrounding connective tissue begins to push them, and the skin becomes uneven and rough.

In the Innovative Dermatology Center we use Alma Laser ACCENT PRIME system for cellulite treatment. During the procedure the skin is affected by three levels. With a help of ultrasonic waves the size of lipocytes is reduced, heat caused by high-energy ultrasonic waves accelerates the metabolism, and massage performed with a help of the special nozzle improves lymphatic circulation.

What to expect?

The procedure is painless, patients tolerate it well. A person feels warm and pleasant massage. Duration of the procedure depends on the treated area. The procedure designed for one zone (for example, the abdominal area) takes 20–30 minutes. After the procedure it is possible to immediately return to daily routine. You do not need specially to prepare for the procedure. After the procedure it is recommended to drink as much as possible water. The maximum effect is reached after 6–8 procedures. The number of procedures per each person is very individual, depending on problems and place. They are repeated every 10–14 days. After the course of procedure, it is recommended to periodically perform a supportive procedure to maintain the desired result.


Cellulite treatment
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